A brief primer.


Between the endless rabbit hole of scale modelling content on social channels, forums and the like, and Luftraum72 taking on its own character, I felt I needed to carve out a little space of the internet to call mine — somewhere I can kick off my boots, put my feet on the coffee table, rant and ramble on about the hobby, and store all my digital stuff. So this site, in essence, is that. 

But that in itself is just the half of it, or so the plan goes. As convenient as this site is for the “you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine” interactions we have online (we’re talking models, here people!), I believe what we can teach each other is more important still. To that end, while I make no claim to being an expert of any subject or technique, this site is meant to be my humble contribution. But more on that later…

In the meantime, a quick note about what you can find where. This site is my HQ for build and work-in-progress galleries, reviews, and the aforementioned instruction, essentially, the the best of what I have lives here. In contrast, my social accounts serve as my outposts — Instagram being my on-the-fly channel, while on Facebook, I mix  interesting news and posts focused primarily on 1/72 together with some content ported over from Insta. If you’re on either of those platforms, give me a follow. I’ve also started hanging out on the 72nd Scale Aircraft forum. It’s a great bunch of modellers, and worth a stop if you’re building things with wings in 1/72.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!