Albatros D.Va 
Hans Boehning


Eduard Model
November 2022

This is the Eduard kit, with the addition of a Small Stuff Models Mercedes D.IIIau engine, and Gaspatch Models Spandau machine guns. Rigging was Infini Model 40-denier lycra thread attached via fine wire eyelets.

I added some scratch-built additions to the interior, namely the main structures and spars between the engine and cockpit, the frame the seat sits on and the seat cushion itself. I also made several modifications to the struts, incorporating brass pins to ensure a robust connection between the wings and fuselage.

The Bavarian chequer scheme of pilot Hans Boehning was painted freehand (after a number of attempts to airbrush with custom-cut masks failed), as was the wood paneling and prop (both with oils). The crosses were cut on a Silhouette Cameo and airbrushed. Most colours were custom-mixed to what looked to be an appropriate colour.