Night of the roundtable

I had the recent privilege to make a guest appearance on the Plastic Posse Podcast as part of an aircraft modelling roundtable. Along with Posse hosts Scott Gentry and Doug Smith, joining the roundtable were fellow Canadians Jim Bates of A Scale Canadian, and Chris Wallace of Model Airplane Maker, while rounding out the roundtable was newly-minted Utahn, John Vitkus — who’s daughter, as an aside, is attending school in Canada. As I joked with Scott, I’m relatively certain that’s enough Canadian content to qualify the triple-P for Canadian cultural funding for this episode.

Jokes aside, it was super fun to spend a few hours talking shop with these guys, all talented, knowledgeable modellers and historians in their own right. Though I couldn’t help feel that our discussion ranged somewhat philosophically from being aircraft specific — as John related at one point, it was something of a Zen and the Art of Aircraft Modelling episode — on hearing to the edited version, I think it makes for a great listen for modellers of all stripes and genres.

So if you haven’t already, give Episode 26 a listen, then give the other episodes a listen, then give the other podcasts a listen. They’re all doing great work, each approaching the hobby each from their own angle and experience. Find the full list of ongoing podcasts here.