Navy Yard No. 53


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Japanese-language only.
Device-based translation apps required for reading.
112 pages
A4, flat binding
Bound on right side, saddle-stitched
Release date: July 5, 2023 


Feature — The Nagumo Fleet 

We will focus on the Nagumo fleet that participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor. This is the first time the Navy Yard has covered the attack on Pearl Harbor since issues 8 and 9 released in 2008. During that time, the aircraft carrier kit situation has changed significantly. Aircraft carrier kits are available from multiple manufacturers, giving users a variety of options. We will introduce the latest aircraft carrier kit information. 

Italian Navy destroyer Andrea Doria (Takom 1/350) / Katsuhisa Hosoda 

Imperial Navy construction ship Tsugaru (Fujimi 1/700) / Sasahara 

British Navy light cruiser Belfast (Trumpeter 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

American Navy light cruiser San Diego (Vee Hobby 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

Imperial Navy Destroyer Satsuki Mikazuki (Yamashita Hobby 1/700) / Takeru Sanada 

U.S. Navy Heavy Cruiser Houston (Corsair Armada 1/700) / Hiroaki Murata 

Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser Exeter (Aoshima) Bunka Kyozaisha 1/700) / Ikuo Yamashita 

Imperial Navy Heavy Cruiser Haguro (Fujimi 1/700) / Yasuyuki Yonami

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