Unboxed – Arma Hobby 1/48 Hurricane IIc

REVIEW Arma Hobby 1/48 Hurricane Mk.IIc My initial thoughts and observations as I dug through the contents of this long-awaited kit. Boxing — If box art sells kits, this box is going to pull some serious weight. The artwork itself is lovely, full stop. Combined with Arma Hobby’s streamlined visual design, the entire package has a […]

Orange Hobby 37mm Flak 36

Orange Hobby 37mm Flak 36 Inbox review of Orange Hobby Flak 36 in 1/72 scale, kit no. G72-201. Packaging Smallish end-opening box features nice CAD artwork of the 37mm Flak 36 on the front and the colour/decal guide in a 2-view illustration on the back. Note! Finer print on the box front indicates the kit […]

Airfix Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2

Airfix CURTISS HAWK 81-A-2 Looking at the 2008 release of the aircraft flown by the legendary Flying Tigers. Packaging The small end-opening box features nice digital artwork of a Hawk on a low strafing pass of a Japanese airfield. The reverse features a 4-plan view decal placement guid for the single scheme provided, along with […]