Of Pixels & Plastic
January 29, 2021

My semi-weekly round up of cool stuff for 1/72 fans seen online and in the news over the last week or so.

Of Pixels & Plastic
January 29, 2021

My semi-weekly round up of cool stuff for 1/72 fans seen online and in the news over the last week or so.

podcasts / a big gun rides with the posse

The Plastic Posse Podcast dropped a trio of announcements today, but most exciting is their special guest for Episode 13, none other than renowned modeller Mike Rinaldi, author and owner of Rinaldi Studio Press!

Mike has been one of the most influential voices in realistic scale modelling over the last number of years through his indispensable Tank Art series. When the Posse made noise about a huge guest announcement earlier this week, my money was immediately on Mike, and I’m stoked to be right (for once!)

The Episode drops Wednesday, Feb 3 at 12 AM EST and is not to be missed! Hit up their Facebook page for the other big news announced today.

podcasts / BIG buff contest news from the scale model podcast

More podcast news… my fellow Canucks at the Scale Model Podcast announced their biggest contest giveaway ever, a Modelcollect B-52G Stratofortress in 1/72 scale. Hit up their website for entry details and listen to episode 63 while you’re there.

luftraum/72 / Shameless self-promo #1

I’ve compiled my first build diary, for the commission-build Airfix Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2. It’s so fresh, it’s not even listed on the site yet. sneak pek and let me know what you think.

on shelves / More big buff news

Speaking of the BUFF, Great Wall Hobby’s 1/144 B-52H is now popping up in shops. Even in the smaller scale, this is going to have some good shelf presence. See sprue shots and order yours at BNA Modelworld.

New Release / Braille scale prime movers, the german edition

While we’re talking about shelf presence, T-Rex Studio, in collaboration with Takom, is set to wow armour modellers with their release of a Faun SLT56 prime mover along with a Leopard 2A7 in 1/72. Low and wide, it’s a interesting companion piece to their high-riding M1070/M1000 and Caterpillar D9R combo kit.

community / 72nd scale aircraft forum

If 1/72 aircraft modelling is your bag, I’ve been hanging out with the great community over in the 72nd Scale Aircraft forum of late. With talented modellers and interesting builds, it’s definitely worth checking out.

references / "no crew chief would ever.."

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase on seeing a heavily weathered aircraft model, this news isn’t for you. For the rest, get the Tank Planes Facebook group on your hit list. Fantastic photos of filthy aircraft admin’d by esteemed Spanish modeller Daniel Zamarbide.

luftraum/72 / Shameless self-promo #2

Finally, I’ve started playing with video using Special Hobby’s exceptional new Bf109E-4 as a muse. Have a look over on my new Youtube channel… more coming soon!