Mud battle — What color is that mud and how do you paint it!?


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Learn to select and apply the mud and dirt effects of the world’s battlefields.

Text: Japanese-only, translates well with Google Translate phone app
Edited by: Armor Modeling Editorial Department
Full colour
A4 softcover
108 pages
Release date: December 28, 2020

Indispensable for tank models Reproduction of dirt, mud, and dust, which are essential for weathering. Tanks that fight in various parts of the world have three different types of dirt depending on the region. However, although weathering paint for tank models has become explosively popular, consideration of the color and quality of soil has been neglected.

This book explains the color and texture of the soil of battlefields around the world, which was painted with “some kind of image”, with photos and color samples. In addition, by indicating the compatible colors of each company’s standard paints, you can choose the most suitable one from among the many available paints, and there is plenty of information that can be used immediately for weathering painting.

We have asked a soil expert to provide an explanation that will help you understand what soil actually is! This is a permanent version that is sure to become a companion on your work desk.

Publisher’s description, translated through Google Translate

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