Navy Yard No. 54


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Japanese-language only.
Device-based translation apps required for reading.
112 pages
A4, flat binding
Bound on right side, saddle-stitched
Release date: November 4, 2023 

Feature — 1/700 hull geometry

When it comes to introductory ship models, we tend to focus on the superstructure and armament, but these are only possible if the foundation of the ship is the hull. Even when talking about the hull, there are a wide variety of topics that can be discussed, such as the shape of the bow and stern, the bulge, and the shape of the deck. We will also explain the changes that took place from the early battleships to the Yamato. 

Imperial Navy Battleship Yamato (Pit Road 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

Imperial Navy Destroyer Destroyer Hatsuzakura / Take (Yamashita Hobby 1/700) / Yoshio Sato 

Soviet Navy Destroyer Tashkent 1940 (Trumpeter 1/700) / Yuichi Kawai 

German Navy battlecruiser Barbarossa (Trumpeter 1/350) / Katsuhisa Hosoda 

German Navy small cruiser Emden (Flyhawk 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

Royal Navy heavy cruiser Exeter (Trumpeter 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine Taigei (Pit Road 1/350/1/700) / Takumi Meiharu 

Imperial Navy Heavy Cruiser Furutaka (Hasegawa 1/700) / Ikuo Yamashita 

U.S. Navy Light Cruiser Marplehead (Nico Model 1/700) / Hiroaki Murata 

Royal Navy Heavy Cruiser Hawkins (Full Scratch Build 1/700) / Yasuyuki Yonami 

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