Navy Yard No. 55


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Japanese-language only.
Device-based translation apps required for reading.
112 pages
A4, flat binding
Bound on right side, saddle-stitched
Release date: March 5, 2024

Feature — Let’s go with hedgehogs! 

The special feature focuses on ships that were equipped with enhanced anti-aircraft weapons to counter aircraft attacks at the end of the war. There are many ship modellers who admire the powerful appearance of a hedgehog, full of machine guns, high-angle guns, electric probes, etc. In the next special feature, we will introduce the layout and concept of this anti-aircraft firearm, as well as the latest aftermarket parts. 

Imperial Navy Heavy Cruiser Tone (Fujimi Special Series 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

Imperial Navy Heavy Cruiser Aoba (Hasegawa 1/700) / Yoshio Sato 

Imperial Navy Coastal Defense Ship Urai Inagi (Pit Road 1/700) / Yuichi Kawai 

Italy Naval battleship Conte di Cavour (Triumph model 1/700) / Hideki Nonokami 

German Navy H-class battleship (Trumpeter 1/350) / Katsuhisa Hosoda 

Imperial Navy battleship Yamato (Pit Road 1/700) / Sasahara 

Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Kumano (Tamiya 1/700) / Kazunori Kashiyama 

Coast Guard Patrol Ship Reimei (Pit Road 1/700) / Hideki Nonogami 

U.S. Navy Light Cruiser Cleveland (Very Fire 1/700) / Katsuhiro Nakamura 

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