Simsonic Destruction


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No airbrush? No problem. Simsonic Destruction will guide modellers through the process of painting incredible aircraft finishes.

Want to paint an airplane model with airbrush I can’t paint because I don’t have it… Simsonic Destruction is a welcome arrival for modellers who have been thinking about it like that and thinking twice!

The author, Kei Shimizu, has completed and published many works using brush painting for over 10 years, including in the airplane model magazine Scale Aviation. The most distinctive feature of his work is his brush painting. Using water-based hobby colors that are easy to obtain and odor-free, we explain brush painting techniques that create a cool finish with a single flat brush, with plenty of how-to photos and text!

Focusing on the production process of the 1/72 F4U Corsair, 1/48 Type Zero carrier fighter, and 1/32 Bf109G, we will also show you the technique for blurring camouflage paint, which was thought to be difficult to reproduce with brush painting!

This is a must-have book for anyone who loves airplane models, from beginners who are just starting to paint airplane models to veterans who want a completely different finish!

[ Adapted publisher’s description, translated through Google Translate ]


Text: Japanese-only, translates with translation apps
Author: Kei Shimizu
Full colour
A4 softcover
112 pages
Release date: October 4, 2023

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