Soul of the 1/72 Scale


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What is the result when 1/72 is in your soul? Soul of the 1/72 Scale presents the collected Nananii’s Soul series from Scale Aviation.

A highly acclaimed series in the bimonthly airplane model magazine Scale Aviation, in which the model is thoroughly chopped up and the internal structure of the aircraft, from the engine to the electronic equipment and intricate cables, is created using amazing crafting techniques. Soul of the 1/72 Scale is finally available as a book!

This book features 8 aircraft, mainly Maritime Self-Defense Force and Japan Air Self-Defense Force aircraft, including propeller planes, jet planes, and rotary-wing planes that have been published over the past year and a half, with significant additions and modifications from when Scale Aviation was published. Furthermore, in the magazine, the production process of each work, which had to be omitted due to the number of pages, is published in full uncut form!

Soul of the 1/72 Scale is a must-see for all modellers, as you can see how the amazing quality and detail are created, making it hard to believe that it is a 1/72 scale model.

[ Adapted publisher’s description, translated through Google Translate ]


Text: Japanese-only, translates with translation apps
Author: Tadashi Niino
Full colour
A4 softcover
128 pages
Release date: April 5, 2022

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