Wings of Defence


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Stunning pictorial of JASDF aircraft past and present.

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Text: Japanese-only, translates with Google Translate phone app
Photography/Author: Satoshi
Full colour
A4 Hardcover
240 pages
Release date: November 9, 2022

A rare person who turned from a fighter pilot to an aerial photographer. He retired after flying a combat mission with an F-15 fighter jet at the Air Self-Defense Force Hyakuri Air Base. He began taking photos of ASDF aircraft using his professional-level photography skills since high school. He quickly rose to prominence as a unique photographer who understands the thoughts of those who fly, and is now well-known as one of Japan’s leading aerial photographers.

In 2022, I will celebrate my 30th anniversary as a photographer, and during that time I will be photographing F-15J, F-2, F-4EJ, F-1, as well as transport aircraft such as C-1, C-2, C-130, and UH- In addition to rescue helicopters such as the 60J, we cover 27 types of aircraft, from current aircraft to retired aircraft, including Blue Impulse, aerial refueling aircraft, AWACS, and government aircraft.

This book is Mr. Akatsuka’s first solo luxury photo book, carefully selected from Mr. Akatsuka’s vast library over the years, and delivered using the highest quality paper and printing technology.

Publisher’s description, translated through Google Translate

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