Scale Aviation 155 Captions

F-15J Eagle Prologue Fine Mold’s F-15J is a detail-rich canvas, particularly for 1/72. Tackling the intricate work early, when enthusiasm is high, always pays dividends for me. Conveniently, the parts breakdown of the kit enables work on the rest of the aircraft to proceed in parallel, when a break is needed. 2.5mm holes drilled in existing cable run […]

My first book! Super Detailing the F-14 Tomcat

How to order NEWS My first book! Super Detailing the F-14 Tomcat I’m ecstatic to announce my first book, ‘Super Detailing the F-14 Tomcat’, published by Dai Nippon Kaiga out of Japan. The catalyst for this publication is an article I produced for Scale Aviation magazine No. 145, in which I provided my approach to […]


Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

Tamiya Bf109G-6

Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 Tamiya1/72Includes: Master Model brass cannon and pitot tube, Quickboost exhausts I bought this kit as my first aircraft build on returning to the hobby a couple years back. I figured a Tamiya kit would be perfect for both remembering forgotten skills, and trying out techniques that had become popular in the decade that […]