Navy Yard No. 52


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Japanese-language only.
Device-based translation apps required for reading.
112 pages
A4, flat binding
Bound on right side, saddle-stitched
Release date: March 3, 2023



Feature — Flight Decks are Interesting

A special feature on the flight decks of large surface combatants such as battleships and heavy cruisers. Complex structures such as catapults and cranes are concentrated on the flight deck, and it is one of the major highlights of ship models. We will explain in detail how to improve the details of carrier-based aircraft, the constant number of aircraft to be mounted in each naval battle, how to operate them, and how to install them on overseas ships. 

Imperial Navy Light Cruiser Agano (Fujimi 1/700) / Yoshio Sato 

US Navy Battleship Washington (Pit Road 1/700) / Yuichi Kawai 

Chinese Navy Type 055 Destroyer (Magic Factory 1/350) / Takumi Akiharu 

US Navy Aircraft Carrier Langley (Trumpeter 1/350) / Katsuhisa Hosoda 

Italian Navy Battleship Caio Duilio (Orange Hobby 1/700) / Hideki Nonogami 

Imperial Navy Heavy Cruiser Ashigara (Fujimi 1/700) / Ikuo Yamashita 

German Navy Ironclad Admiral Graf Spee (Pit Road 1/700) / Hiroaki Murata 

Dutch Navy Heavy Cruiser Jawa (HP Models 1/700) / Yasuyuki Yonami 

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