MotoGP Racers Archive 2004


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MotoGP Racers Archive 2004 — Pit Walk Photo Collection 4 is ultimate reference resource for modelling the 2004 bikes. 

128 pages

MotoGP Racers Archive 2004 is a detailed photo collection of racing bikes that were active in MotoGP, the pinnacle of two-wheel road racing. Get to know the true nature of these monsters, whose maximum speed on the straights reaches 340km/h. A must-have book when building Tamiya’s 1/12 motorcycle series.

[ Adapted publisher’s description, translated through Google Translate ]


Japanese-only text, translate with your favourite app, but seriously, the pics alone are gold

Author: Seiya Yoshimura
Full colour
A4 softcover
128 pages
Release date: June 30, 2005

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