Air Modeling Weathering Master Vol. 1


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Explore the unique talent of Shuichi Hayashi in Volume 1 of his Air Modeling Weathering Master series. 

English / Japanese text*
104 pages

This book includes the contents of “Scale Aviation November 2017 Issue: The World of Shuichi Hayashi”, as well as two newly created works, and includes Mr. Hayashi’s transcendent works. The production process and weathering techniques are fully covered.

Speaking of Mr. Shuichi Hayashi, he is an airplane modeler who has become a hot topic in Japan and abroad, and is unrivaled for his fast production speed, well-used weathering unique to carrier-based aircraft, and a painting method that makes it look like a real aircraft. It has gained popularity for its unparalleled quality.

This book is a compilation of materials used by Mr. Hayashi, detailed how-tos, and “world-class” airplane model weathering methods.

Also available, Air Modeling Weathering Master Volume 2 and Air Modeling Weathering Master – F/A-18 Hornet Edition

[ Publisher’s description, translated through Google Translate ]


Text: English / Japanese*
Full colour
A4 softcover
104 pages
Release date: 2018

*Note: The English was machine translated in 2018, and as such, is not the equal of current bilingual publications

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